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Tax Season Checklist

Another personal tax season is quickly approaching, and it is time to gather the documents to prepare your personal income tax return. Please review the checklist below for information that may be applicable to you.

  1. Information slips, such as: • T4 slips—employment income • T4E slips—employment insurance benefits • T4A slips—pension and other income including RESP withdrawals • T4A(OAS) and T4A(P) slips—old age security and C.P.P. benefits • T4RSP or T4RIF slips—withdrawals from RRSP or RRIF accounts • T3, T5 and T5008 slips—interest, dividend income and capital gains • T5013 slips—limited partnership tax shelter

  2. Details in respect of self-employment (i.e. professional, business, and/or farming) or rental income.

  3. Summary of capital gains or losses on stock transactions. We suggest that you request a realized gain/loss report from your broker.

  4. Details regarding employment or commission expenses and a completed form T2200.

  5. Official receipts for: • RRSP contributions • Professional dues • Interest or other carrying costs • Donations • Tuition fees (T2202) • Student loan interest • Public transit (only for seniors) • Digital news subscription costs (Canadian only)

  6. Medical expense receipts including annual summary of prescription costs that can be provided by your pharmacy and a benefit claims statement from your heath care provider.

  7. Details and receipts concerning childcare expenses.

  8. Details of child support (re: orders dated prior to April 30, 1997) or alimony paid or received.

  9. Disability tax credit certificate (T2201).

  10. Installment payments made in respect of the taxation year.

  11. Prior year notice of assessment and any reassessments.

  12. Details regarding any foreign income earned, including copies of foreign tax returns if applicable. Also provide details of any foreign property owned if the aggregate cost of this type of property is greater than $100,000 CAD. Relevant foreign property includes foreign bank or investment accounts, rental properties, Canadian securities held outside Canada, and investments in foreign businesses. You do not need to include details of property that is used personally or in an active business.

  13. Please let us know if you acquired or sold a home during the year. If you sold a home, then please provide us with the gross proceeds, year of acquisition and whether it was held jointly.

  14. Finally, let us know about any change in your marital status as well as details regarding new additions to your family.

We look forward to working together to complete your tax return.

For more information, please contact or 1 844-GYTD-CPA Season Checklist
Download PDF • 61KB

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