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Why hire a Chartered Professional Accountant for your accounting & tax needs?


The mission of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario is to ensure its members merit the confidence and trust of all who rely upon their professional knowledge, skills, judgment and integrity by regulating qualification, performance and discipline standards for Chartered Professional Accountants, while advocating the use of their professional expertise in the public interest.


The CPA designation is granted to individuals who already hold a university degree and meet the two years' senior-level experience requirement after a comprehensive program of professional studies .


CPAs in public practice provide protection to the general public by adhering to the high standards and practices of the profession. They:


are subject to annual practice review by the CPA Ontario.
carry mandatory errors and omissions insurance
are required to complete mandatory professional development programs annually.
adhere to a code of ethics and rules of professional conduct.

In addition, CPA Ontario have strong affiliations with the Canada Revenue Agency, provincial Ministries of Finance and other accounting and tax regulating bodies. CPA members are highly respected when it comes to accounting and tax matters.